Earth in Color is where greeness meets Blackness. 

We are about joy and healing, reconnection and regeneration, exploration and growth. 

This is a space curated for and by Black people who are returning back to our nature. Earth in Color is a creative studio and media platform focused on Black culture and the environment. We combine creative storytelling and nature experiences to celebrate Black cultural connections to the Earth and help our community lead healthy, sustainable lives.

We are a creative studio and media platform focused on Black culture and the environment.

our roots

It all started on a farm.

While studying environmental science in college, Darel Scott, Earth in Color’s founder, struggled to see her culture, her community, and even herself in those healthy and sustainable futures that were being imagined in her classrooms. So she set out to change that. In 2018, Earth in Color emerged as a vibrant art festival on a farm that celebrated Black, Indigenous, and people of color and our cultural connections to the land. Through art, music, food, and time spent on the farm, this festival planted the seeds for what Earth in Color is today.

why we exist

We are healing with
the Earth.

Earth in Color is built on a simple premise: Black people have a history of being deeply connected to the Earth. It’s a part of our heritage. It’s a part of who we are. Earth in Color is one way we help remember these roots. Our elders and ancestors sustained and nurtured themselves in ways that would be called “sustainable” or “green” today. But they just called it living. In acknowledging our complex and sometimes painful land histories, we also reaffirm our kinship with the Earth as a source of healing and 

empowerment. We believe that reconnecting to the land, water, soil, and beings around us heals ourselves and the Earth. This is beyond sustaining ourselves and our environments. This is about regenerating culture, community, and our relationship with the Earth. With each story we tell, each recipe we share, and each moment we spend on the land, we are returning back to our nature.

our family

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