visual manifesto

Photo by Claire Miles

Dinner in the Woods

Words by Darel Scott

Photography by Claire Miles

Dinner in the Woods, the first of many Earth in Color nature experiences, was an intimate dinner on the forest floor. In 2019, we gathered amongst the Oakland redwoods to connect to nature and to one another. We shared our favorite nature memories, walked through the redwoods, took in the vistas, and built friendships across plates of refreshing greens and vibrant stews. Joyful, sensory experiences like Dinner in the Woods are moments for healing and connection that deepen our bonds with the natural world and with our community.

Immerse yourself in the visual manifesto.

We are not humans living in and around nature.

We are nature.


Photo by Claire Miles

We believe that
nature is not
just a destination,
not just a place
to be explored,

not a resource
to be exploited,
not a territory
to be conquered.


Photo by Claire Miles

Nature is where
we can be
in community,
be healed,
find solitude,
find ourselves,
find joy.


Photo by Claire Miles

Beneath the canopy,
we create positive experiences 
that form new associations with the natural world.

When we reestablish our kinship with the Earth, we inhabit a world beyond boundaries.


Photo by Claire Miles

Gathering in the woods
is liberation.

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